Hi, I’m HexDSL. I post about all sorts of things. There really is no theme. I post about things I think about and a lot of it is random rambling and book/writing talk. If you are here for my social links or a discord invite, please click on Socials for all of that. If you have a comment question, then please email me or use Discord. I answer mail that comes to hexdsl@gmail.com, I welcome writing thoughts and questions.


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My Dock, as inspired by reddit

Stability creates output

You can read my most recent stories right here:

➡️ 📖 Chronicles of Ned: Space, to breathe 🚀

➡️ 📖 Denouement 2.5 (Week) 🪐

If you have read any of the Denouement books that I have written, you may find this interesting:

➡️ 📖 Denouement ‘wiki’

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  1. ✍️ writing Denouement Part 3.
  2. 💼 Working 40 hours a week at my actual job.
  3. 🥰 Be grateful for all the wonderful things in life, every day!

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