HexDSL is a creature of the internet that has existed for many years now. Hex enjoys video games, trash science fiction, and old detective stories. All of which appear in his writing with stunning regularity.

He currently lives in England, the Midlands, to be overly specific. He has a daughter who is far cooler than he has ever been. He tries hard to be a good human. He intends to write much more in the future. As well as talk about things endlessly on his website (this one)

He writes books mostly at night on his ageing laptop. He listens to a lot of Synthwave music when he writes, and it may have sent him a bit strange.

You can email him by sending electronic messages to HexDSL@gmail.com he reads all and responds to lots, but don’t get mad if he fails to get back to you. Also, there are his Socials.

Hex’s Hardware

People always ask about my choices for reasons I don’t understand:

  • Current Hardware (detailed)
    • Computer: MacBook Air 2022
      • Unified Memory: 16GB
      • CPU: M2
      • Storage: 1TB
      • Screen: 13.6 inch, I think.
    • Other storage:
      • Crucial X6 2TB Portable SSD (USBC attached, via hub)
      • 2TB WD MyCloud (it’s rubbish!)
    • Mouses:
      • Apple Trackpad 2 (Black)
      • Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Black & Silver)
    • Keyboard: Apple Keyboard with Touch ID & Numeric keypad (Black & Silver)
    • Other devices:
      • iPad 10 (64GB, with a folio keyboard case and a pencil)
      • Corsair, powered, 7 port USB-C Hub.
      • Headphones - Marshall Major IV (Bluetooth)
      • Speakers - PreSonus Eris E3.5
      • Steam Deck (256gb SSD, 512gb SD)
      • Miyoo Mini+ Handheld Emulator (❤️)
      • iPhone 14 Pro Max (stock)
      • Kindle Oasis (32gb)
      • Controllers
        • DS4 Controller.
        • Xbox Series Controller.

Thanks all