📆 Written: 2024-06-21

DEVONthink, the final form?

I made a video, I’ll link it at the bottom of this post, but the main thing to take away here is that DEVONthink is great. It’s Scrivener for notes.

While I still need to deep dive into it, as I’m still at the ‘import stuff’ phase, I am blown away by it. At this time, there is literally nothing about it which makes me go ‘ugh!’ and going ‘Ugh!’ is supremely common for me when I use software. With the exception of Scrivener, I can’t think of another ‘forever app’ in my life. Okay, Maybe Things 3, but no one cares about that 😁

Anyway, DEVONthink is an amazingly well thought out notes/document toolbox/platform which lets me sort, search and store things in way’s that are universally ‘not dumb’ and i think I maybe in romantic love with it.

The long video is here (← yes, there, click there)


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