📆 Post date: 24-07-2023

Originally posted on reddit - A Basic guide to formatting (babies first groff)

Groff Guide

The following is a very slimmed down list of basic groff commands using the MS macro set and Table pre-processor Examples of usage follow.

.NH NHeading (N = Subheading number)
.SHSub Heading (not numbered)
.LPNon Indented Paragraph
.BIBold & Italic (.BI “TEXT” AFTER BEFORE)
.BX “TEXT”Boxed text
.AB NOAbstract Begin (add no to suppress ABSTRACT title)
.AEAbstract End
.TSTable Start (notes beginning of table area)
.TETable End (end of table area)



This is the titles of my document


I wrote this


 This text will be indented and the next line will not be intended, yeah, those dashes are to illustrate the intention and are totally not a result of the way markdown works in this editor (damn you reddit!, shakes fist)


This paragraph will start with no intent and often looks nicer for less formal documents, Its rather nice. However

 .B "this will be on BOLD"

but be on the same line as the rest


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