📜Role in Story: The starship ‘Thirteen’ first appeared in Denouement 2 and, like Basilica (Starship) was a gift from Aygah, given in hopes it would support her ‘plan’ through her heroes and champion.

Thirteen uses relatively a standard TD-Drive for propulsion but its reactor is unusual, it uses solid state fuel rods which are usually used in powering space stations (such as the system which is used by Eadred Station (Sol outpost))

Its generator also runs on a nonstandard frequency of power throughput, which is a result of its origin outside of the current iteration of reality. This was of use against the Thinker (Race) energy dampening weapon in Denouement 2

The other unique feature is the self repair system which is incredibly advanced and makes use of an incredibly large quantity of nano repair drone and a lot of power (it has its own large battery back-up, which is enough to get the generator back on line in the event of life support failure.)

The ship is owned by Lea Ra-Kay and is her personal pride and joy. She is very protective over it.

It had an AI fitted by Libby Michaels for automatic flight and systems control.

The ship is also fitted with a security system which prevents technical scans when the lock is activated.

🖼️Description: The ship looks like a shiny silver dagger, from above and has two stubby wings before the ‘handle’ area, the wings are not related tot he stabilisation but the scanning and communication systems.

The rear of she ship is entirely Thrust-Panel technology. There is a black line around the edge of the ‘blade’ portion of the dagger shape which is it’s main weapon’s accelerator lens. The main weapon is a sustained beam firing energy cannon.

The ship is also equipped with a rare Neural Actuation system lock. The current entry image is the coffin device which created Aygah and was seen by very few people.


The ship entrance is the cargo ramp which leads to a cargo bay which is the size of a small warehouse unit.

In the cargo hold is a loading field, food stasis chamber for loading the food hatches and stowed hand weapons in unmarked wall storage.

At the back of the cargo hold is the engine access room, which is a small galley room with the fuel receptacle at the back. The chip’s self repair system means that it does not require a traditional engine room.

There is a staircase next to the engine galley which leads up to the ‘living space’ which is a large room containing a kitchen two arm chairs, a sofa, coffee table and a screen for movies.

There are stowed weapons and equipment in the walls, unmarked.

The in this room are covered in holographic projectors, designed to give the appearance of any settings. Jonathan Michaels (Jon) prefers it to appear to be an apartment on Central (Prime) where as Lea Ra-Kay prefers ‘under the sea’ setting, with animated fish. It defaults to ‘log cabin’ when not given other instructions.

At the back of the room is a door to a toilet and wash room. There is another door to a store room which contains medial supplies and emergency rations.

The stairwell entrance allows access to the next floor up which exits to a corridor, at the far end is the bridge.

The corridor has the follwiing doors Left:

  1. Medical room (very small)
  2. Lea Ra-Kay’s cabin (the largest cabin, double width.) Right:
  3. Jonathan Michaels (Jon) and Libby Michaels’ cabin
  4. Guest cabin, though is currently being used as a store room for clothes, personal items and equipment by Lea Ra-Kay
  5. Ria’s cabin The bridge: The bridge is a triangular room with an very ostentatious flight seat at the front with a glass dome window around it. There are many physical buttons and toggles within reach of the flight seat.

Behind that, at each side is a station with a console single seat and controls on the wall behind. Left: Sensors and communication Right: Weapons and repair operations There is a floor panel between the two stations which give access to the AI core and holographic emitters for diagnostics and repair.

Notable events

  • Was part of ‘The Fall’ when Thinker (Race) attacked the Brick (Race) home world. Nir Ro-Bon (President) said that seeing it rise from the ashes of the world gave his people hope for salvation when the planet was attacked. He called Lea Ra-Kay a hero for her part in ending the dampening attack and gave her the rank of free general.
  • Thirteen was also part of the successful small team attack on the Thinker (Race) home world at the end of Denouement 2
  • It is one of only a handful of ships that has docking privileges on Mercia without pre-arrangement.