📆 Post date: 12-08-2023 Just thought I would share this. For those interested the dock is also a wireless phone charger  and attached to is my mic, camera and a 2tb SSD and ethernet.

The laptop is an XPS 12 (9315) with 16GB of RAM, 1TB storage and an I7 (1250u.) its shite, don’t buy one, but the keyboard and battery are awesome.

I do have mechanical keyboards, but I really like the Logitech mc keys mini. Wireless is nice and it has a similar key feel to my laptop, which means its not jarring to switch between them.

Things on the desk I do recommend:

  • if you use wireless devices, get a big ol’ battery pack and leave it on your desk, its a good solution and when you use a laptop, like I do, you can use it to charge the laptop in the event of a power cut! (Assuming your laptop will charge from USB PD, which mine does)
  • The kettle.
  • That dock means I can switch my monitor and all my peripherals between my laptop and steam deck with just one cable and its really very cool! - it also means when I eventually have the spare scratch to buy a top specced MacBook air, all I gotta do is plug it in and I’m ready to do! which is nice.
  • That google screen thing (nest hub) is way more useful than /i expected and when its not doing anything it has a little weather fog on it which I like a lot.

Things I don’t recommend:

  • The laptop. Performance is not as expected. Though for my requirements (good keyboard and long battery life for writing, also wanted as portable as possible) I still think it was a good buy.
  • The TV. I never really use it. Should it break I won’t replace.

Things not pictured:

  • 2 x 1tb USB hard drives, i use for backup and archive.
  • 1 x network attached 2tb storage, as above
  • Controllers. I use an xbox ‘series’ controller on my laptop, when i GFN a controller game. I use a PS4 controller on my steam deck. overall, i prefer the Xbox one.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcome.


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