💡 Details

Elder (Faction) Living energy based intelligence’s who seem to be ‘ghosts’ inhabiting inanimate objects and animating them. They usually inhabit metal balls and form them into humanoid shapes with a kinetic telekinesis. They can not live outside of an object. They can however jump from one object to another on touch. The object that contains their intelligence must be a “solid” with not gaps or breaks and large enough to house their ‘soul’. A rock, a metal, a crystal, glass. They are immortal assuming their host object isn’t destroyed.

Physical traits: None, energy based life form.

Homeworld: Thinker Home world

Type:  Elder (Faction)

Politics and Social: Suspicious of humanity but want us to “do better” while coming to earth mostly to experience our rock/crystal resources. They are not interested in making friends with our species and often spend many years “being” a boulder without moving. This is called “contemplation” although it appears to be more of a hibernation.

Technology:  They don’t require life support so space travel was easy for them. they discovered their local ‘warps’ seemingly before other races. Their technology seems basic because they are not materialistic and are of high intelligence. They use vibration to communicate over large distances and seem to have wider senses than humans.

Sub-species:  None

🗒️Other Notes

Naming Conventions:

[AaaaaAaaaaaAaaaaa] They have long names that have odd capitalization mid way, they usually ‘go by’ the most easily recognizable ‘portion’ of their name. Examples AmaCuristioRapsisiVentron may be called Ventron, or Ama by none “Thinkers”