♻️Age: Infinite

👾Species: Ascended Blade (a god)

🏅Allegiance: None, her own? Who knows?

🎲Role in Story

The deity figure who created the current iteration of reality. She was once married to Jonathan Michaels (Jon) - Mother of Joanne Michaels (Jo)

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Tall
  • Complexion: Dark-skinned with natural purple veins that mimic circuitry.
  • Hair: black
  • Eyes: Pure white glow, smokes when emotional.
  • Face: Weathered with infinite time and endless usage of her powers.
  • Voice: Commanding and confident, often sounds like more than one person talking.
  • Clothing: Pre-ascension often worse shorts and a tank top. Now thought she is only ever seen wearing robes which have moving stars in them. It not known if this is a fashion statement of a side effect of her powers.
  • Skills:
  • Post-ascension she became a god. Her powers over space and time are absolute, but she can not create life, she described it as “moving things around on a chess board.”
  • Pre-ascension she was a powerful Blade

💼Occupation: Goddess

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: She likes to vanish and reappear, though this maybe a side effect of forcing herself into the universe she created.

🧨Personality:  She is mysterious and likes it that way. When she does appear, she usually wants a coffee.


Was a warrior with resistance, once Gower Saint died and she became the last Blade she was the only choice left for the device, which channelled her race power and created her ascension in order to stop a war with humanity.


External Conflicts

  • There is no force which can stand against her directly.
  • She can not travel in time, only restart it from a specific point, each time she does, this creates a new iteration of reality. She can guide it and store things and retrieve them but not alter the timeline once flowing.

Internal Conflicts

  • loneliness and isolation



  • Aygah communicates with semi-regularity with David Atkinson
  • She considers Týr to be her only current friend.