📆 Post date: 15-09-2023 I realise that in recent months I have been less productive. This is because I have been deep in my writing hole.

Many of you who follow closely will know that I have been working on “Nancy & Holmes” a story which came to me at three in the morning, many months ago.

The novel is about 110k words and features a ‘ghost detective,’ alcoholism, death, and the occult. It’s a good time and there are 100% absolutely no space-ships, for once.

Since its initial conception, the story has progressed and changed and mutated and grown. My good friend Wing has just finished the proof-reading of my ‘final’ draft. He has made many corrections and given me some notes on the story, which were universally great!

I have to make some more changes, though, thankfully none of them are structural in nature and none are massive endeavours.

I have one more minor edit-pass and a last proof read and it will be made available to you all. - I am currently planning on a November release.


The question this time, though, is about distribution. My investigations into publishing without Amazon exclusivity have been somewhat patchy. I would, ideally, like to publish via Itch, and Itch alone, but I have not seen a viable readership from there.

If you have thoughts or preferences about any of this, then please let me know.


As you may have noticed, when I get this far into a project, I like to take a snapshot of my workflow.

As it is, I’m still writing all of my words in Word, despite my desire to find something more long-form focused. As far as I can tell, there just isn’t a tool which work as well as Word, for the actual writing.

I love scrivener, but having to change tools between the writing and the collaborative revision phase makes it a chore to use.

For notes and writing wiki, I’m currently using Obsidian and am planning on making my writing notes/lore archive public here eventually (probably soon.)

For grammar support I’m still using ProWritingAid which I still think is a fantastic tool. Won’t be changing that.

For lookups, WordHippo is still my tool of choice.

At it stands, unless I manage to afford a Dabble Writer lifetime account, I really can’t see my workflow changing anytime soon.

Final thoughts

If you have any questions about my writing or process, please do message me via the email address below or use Discord to contact me. I am most happy to talk about writing all day long with anyone who is interested 😊


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