📆 Post date: 2023-11-03 This is the second ‘Whats on my desk’ post. The first was This one. This is a series where I chronicle the ever changing landscape of my own desk, mostly, for me. (Right click on the image and open it in a new tab for a full size view.) Hey, here we are, with another desktop update.

Things to look at

It’s cleaner now, not loads, but a little. Oh, and I’m not running windows 95 there. I am still on windows 11 and as far as I know; I don’t have any problems or gripes with it either, which puts me in the minority, I’m sure.


My XP13 (9315) however, I still quietly (not so quietly) hate with a burning passion. Don’t buy one, it is underpowered, too hot and keeps having random issues. It does look amazing; I’ll give it that. Genuinely a damned fine looking machine!

Its an I7 -1250U (I know, ewe) with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. I also pointlessly shelled out for the touch screen with blue light blocking coating. I expected it to be my ‘forever laptop’ but its a little wanker. At it turns out.

Dock and hub

Still using the same Dock (A Dell HD22Q,) but because I own an XPS13, the USB on the dock stopped working, and I had to add a USB hub (Corsair USB100 7-Port USB-C,) which is made by Corsair, not Dell, so it works properly with my Dell machine 🙄

Connected to the dock, I only have the Laptop and I use it as a wireless phone charger.

Keyboard selection

I’m now using a full size MX Keys wireless keyboard and its fantastic. Couldn’t be happier with it. The feel of the keyboard matches my laptop keyboard and it’s not jarring to switch between them. Also, it has a very sensible layout and multi-device support (three little buttons to change device)

I switched from the MX Mini to the full size because I started to miss the number pad. Even though I don’t use it very often, it is really nice to have around.

I use the MX mini on my other computer, which acts as a home server, for Plex, mostly.

I also have an MX Mechanical, which I sometimes pull out if I’m in the mood for clacking, but the one that resides, usually, on my desk is the MX keys. I just make less typing errors in it than I do on its mechanical brother.

Mouse selection

I recently switched to a Kensington Slimblade Pro trackball and regret nothing! The Slimblade is maybe the nicest trackball I have ever owned. you scroll by twisting the ball and turning it to scroll is the most satisfying thing on my desk, its like a fidget toy but useful.

It’s wireless, has a good sensor, smooth ball and good buttons. I can connect it via dongle, Bluetooth or wire. I use Bluetooth and I have it set to 400DPI, because I got used to the Kensingon Expert that I use at work.

I still keep my MX Master 3 mouse at hand (I keep it on top of the little speaker on the left of the photo) in case I fancy a change for a shooter game or something.

You may notice that none of my input devices are gaming focused. This is because I don’t play loads of games any more, but when I do, I tend to prefer controller (or a Miyoo Mini+)

Other desktop items

The two books are small Bibles, an NLT and an NKJV. Usually I only keep one Bible on the desk but I’m currently comparing NKJV and NLT translations (because I’m super interesting.) When I’m done, the NKJV will likely stay on the desk just because its a nicer physical item and is a Red letter edition as well as being a slightly larger font, for my 40+ year old eyes. 🥸

The TV still doesn’t get used but there isn’t any point in removing it. Maybe one day I’ll do another Seinfeld binge. Though, I tend to watch things in a little window on my monitor, because this is the future.

The cup is still dirty, though I mostly drink coffee at home now and coffee is easier on cups than tea.😆

To be clear, I still drink a lot of tea, I just trend towards coffee at my desk. (Typhoo is my tea of choice, still.)

Oh, the Google hub thingy, its used for music, and as a clock, and that’s about it. When its not in use, it shows a ‘weather frog’ which I like. I have two other google home units behind me, which are all in one speaker group. I am currently listening to a lot of Grimes and Creedence Clearwater Revival, which is an odd mix, I know.

Things not photographed

I still have a Steamdeck to my right, on a little shelf. The shelf also houses an XBox series controller for when I use GFN and a DS4 controller for when I plug the Steamdeck into the TV, which at this point, never happens. Still, its there though.

I also keep a book close at hand called ‘Soviet Space Graphics’ which if I recall was gifted to me by my internet pal, Moon Pope. The book if filled with paintings of space ships and handsome space-men. I find it deeply inspirational when I’m working on the Denoument series. Thanks Moon Pope! Also just off camera is my Areopress coffee maker, with a now faded logo, and a coffee tin.

Final thoughts

I think I’m getting better, overall, at keeping my desk tidy. Which, makes me happy.

This post, there is a distinct last of Kermit. I still 100% love Kermit but My stuffed frog now resides in my bedroom where he wont pickup a stale coffee smell. 🐸

Feel free to email, or Discord message me if you have questions about my setup or anything else on my desk.


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