📜Role in Story: Mercia is a Kingdom Class starship of Earth (Sol) and up until more kingdom class ships were built at the start of Denouement 3 the single most powerful ship in the galaxy.

Mercia is a ship built into/onto a large planetoid and contains enough weapons to take on an entire Elder (Faction) fleet on its own.

Human (Race) got very good at two things, medical science and weapons. There is a poetry in them being good at to opposing things in this way.

Mercia is BIG. It is about 1/3 the size of Earths moon thought less uniformly round. When it is in orbit of a planet it has to use gravity correction technology to prevent tidal disruption.

Mercia contains a city, the mobile place of operation for Earth (Sol) alliance governance, a large compliment of fighters (the largest outside of planetary defence reserves) omnidirectional weaponry, five power generation systems, a small city of people and at one point, a theme park.

The internal structure is so large that it is split into zones such as commerce, recreation, housing, dock, industrial and operations.

It is capable of TD-Drive speeds (though due to its structure, it is limited in speed)

While it has a captain it also usually has a high ranking government compliment who arrange its ‘missions,’ the captain is responsible for maintenance and military operation only.

Mercia is more than a ship, it is a statement form the Human (Race) that while they are the only Elf (Race) without functional immortality, they are by no means children and will fight it pressed.

The very existence of Mercia has secured Earth’s place as a major power in the galaxy.

Mercia is the very definition of ‘overpowered’ and when it appears in orbit of a planet, it is visible from the surface and this statement alone, has resulted in wars ending.

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