🖼️Description: Basilica is a large red starship that is long with a pointed uneven tip. The ship has a large hole running through it which is used for energy acceleration.

The rear section has five pylons stretched out from it which rotate as part of the very unstable energy correction system. The pylons vent energy into the shield system (the reason for the red shield system being used still) making it far hardier than a Blue-Shield though, far thicker and rather than being responsive to attack teh red shield is constantly ‘lit’ a little, as part of the energy management methodology. This gives the ship a persistent ‘glow’ when its engines are powered.

The ships propulsion exceeds standard TD-Drive speeds with almost zero acceleration required by using high powered Red-Energy to cut into the fabric of reality and essentially ‘ride the wave’ of energy that is created. It was described by the foremost expert in the technology, Alin of Kein as ‘The most advanced zip line ever created.’

It also has a large quantity of drones which encircle the ship for repair and energy management. The drones also provide a composite, external view.

This is the fastest ship in known to exist.

The ship came equipped with any non-standard pieces of equipment from its home iteration such as personal red-shields, combat armour vests and non-Cure-All based medical supplied (since replaced with Cure-all and native scanning equipment.)

The ship is still undergoing repair from an unknown battle it was in (previous iteration) so not all if it is accessible, or fit for operation.

Nothing ‘mission critical’ is out of order though, and once repaired the ship will have 150 individual crew quarters, designed to house two individuals each.

📜Role in Story: The starship Basilica is from an other iteration of reality, it was saved and brought to the Denouemeverse by Aygah for use by the Followers (Faction) when David Atkinson took over as ‘Keeper.’

David Atkinson dedicates the ship and her crew it the support of Jonathan Michaels (Jon) directly. While it usually spends it time on humanitarian cargo trips when Jon does not require its services, it is always ready to support his needs, without question.

As of Denouement 3 it is captained by Libby Michaels who sees her role as ‘custodian’ rather than commander as the ships purpose is the support of Jonathan Michaels (Jon) - her decisions while considered final are always influenced by the mission at hand. And, if required she would sacrifice the ship and her crew to support Jon.

Since taking command of the ship, Libby has had interactive solid hologram emitters placed in key locations but is able to project her non-solid version of herself anywhere on the ship due to its equipped computational web, which is only possible because Aygah altered the laws of physics to allow Libby to have zero latency communication with her AI-Core anywhere in the iteration. The Computational web can not support a modern AI or NOLF intelligence core.

⛲ Notable Features: Not only is is coloured red, but it uses red energy fields, throughout, as apposed to Blue-Energy which is prevalent throughout the civilized universe.

Red Energy is far more unstable than Blue and at this time Basilica is the only known ship with a Red-Energy reactor.

The ships cargo bay 2 is large enough to house Thirteen (starship) with a meter of clearance in total, at its widest point. It takes an expert pilot to get out of the bay.


  • 150 crew quarters with enough life support for 300 souls.
  • 5 pylon engine venting, operational with as few as 2 working pylons but causes a bumpy ride… Very bumpy
  • Zero acceleration time once the engine is charged, a few seconds recharge time is required.
  • Retrofitted with a Blue-Shield in addition to the red, but this can not be used while the engine is ‘lit’
  • Contains the only example of a computational web, which is similar to an organic brain cluster but spread out through the ship. The web allows Libby Michaels to ‘feel’ the ship as a human feels a body.
  • Currently captained by Libby Michaels
  • The crew is comprised entirley of Followers (Faction) who obey Libby but consider David Atkinson to be their superior.
  • The ships mission is to support Aygah’s plan by supporting the needs of ‘The great family’ as headed by Jonathan Michaels (Jon)
  • This is the fastest ship in known to exist.
  • It is currently registered as humanitarian transport and is only allowed weapons as part of the religious freedom act of its registered home world Central (Prime)

🗒️Other Notes

The bride is a large round room with a command ‘rail’ in the middle, which is padded and is used to leaning against as well as holding on to. It is not known why the original designers did not consider chairs appropriate but this was not changed because once Libby Michaels became the commanding officer, her holographic avatar had no need for chairs.

The command rail has a floating status screen projected in front of it which identifies the users. This is not used by Libby, as she is direct neural connection with the ship.

The bridge has a traditional view-screen at the front and two pilot flight chairs, one each side of the screen, the scanner station is at the left (from the POV of the command rail) and the weapons to the right. Both angled to face the screen but skewed to the direction of the commander.

There are other stations at the rear of the command rail on a raised platform.

Other than the lack of command seating and physical command computer station, it is relatively standard in layout.