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Bricks are a race of people genetically predisposed to physical perfection.

They mature slowly with childhoods of around 80 earth years with the infant stage lasting 30 years.

They developed space travel later than the other races and they look for high gravity worlds (they enjoy the physical challenges) They mix well with other and get along especially well with Humans because of their similarities. They have slightly sharper eyes in low light.

Physical traits

Predisposed to physical perfection and are very hardy - “Brick’s don’t break.” being a popular mantra for the race.


Brick Homeworld (Forge)  — has 3 small and inhabitable moons.

Politics and Social

Bricks enjoy physical work and value friendship. They are very social and often live in groups. They do not usually form monogamous relationships and while there are many respected Brick scientists they tend to be very old and come to the profession through accumulating knowledge more than through structured study.


Technology is chunky and unrefined but effective. They tend to engineer things well because they don’t want to have to fix them (boring to them) and their technology is utilitarian in design. Think soviet in look though this is not a reflection of their culture.

Sub -species


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Naming Conventions: [Aaaa] [Aaa]-[Aaa] First names are 3-6 letters long. Second names are 3-4 letters then a dash then 3-4 letters