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Jonathan Michaels (Jon) wakes up in in Kays Medical centre with no memory. He is told by Libby Michaels that she is his wife and his doctor Ka’ona Michaels (Kay) is his granddaughter.

He is told that he is a functionally immortal Bio-static (sub-race) who has lived for well over 100 years despite looking around 35 (human years)

Jon explores the strange world he finds himself on. It is called Central (Prime) and has neon clouds and massive buildings.

He soon learns that his wife (Libby) is a non-organic life form and his daughter, Joanne Michaels (Jo) is the vice president of the Earth controlled Sol alliance.

He is taken to star ship called Mercia for his safety, once an attack is made on his tome, where he is told that he is a well noted historian who is researching a universal historical event, known only as The Event where is is through that time was altered via a massive galactic storm.

He meets his best friend and personal pilot Lea Ra-Kay who is entertained by his new persona and confusion.

He is introduced to his apparently long serving assistant Dex who is an AI robot what helps him process and collate data.

While on Mercia he meets the bar tender Vent and president Ba’an Ty as well as encountering a small amount of anti-NOLF discrimination against his wife, which he fails to understand.

The mysterious threat against him surfaces again when is is kidnapped by a strange organisation of people with some odd ideas about how the universe works. He escapes their spy ship via a dangerous series of events which leaves him, kay and Lea in hospital.

He slowly forms a theory that something is amiss with, everything. And begins putting thing together slowly.

Is is when he visits Earth (Sol) that he notices some additional oddity in things and after a memory surfaces he discovers The Facility (Earth) which contains artefacts from an older version of earth.

He is eventually put in charge of researching this place and meets David Atkinson, Tara Kl. Raf and Omi and begins exploring the place.

He realises that the whole of history before The Event is fabricated or at least a composite and reality its self is only 2 months old.

Eventually the mysterious organisation attacks him again resulting in a lot of lost lives and a showdown around an artefact which may contain a super powered being from a pervious version of reality.

The mystery unravels with him meeting his ex-wife who is the architect of reality and goddess known as Aygah

This is the basic setup for the Denouemeverse and the setting for all future stories.

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