🖼️Description: A research ship of Human (Race) military. It is a mid-large size cruiser and was designed to research and scan space anomalies and map planets.

captain Bajic of Reayleon (Captain) was sent to support Thirteen (starship) in Denouement 2 but the ship had already been infiltrated by Thinker (Race) forces when it first entered the story.

It was brutally and completely defeated by the forces of Gower Saint and all Thinker’s aboard were killed. This was the first time we saw a Thinker killed without massive preplanning.

Penda was also home of doctor Joshua Rixon who was a being controlled by a Thinker and eventually attacked Jonathan Michaels (Jon) resulting in its own death.

🏛️ Background

Jon was unhappy that Joanne Michaels (Jo) sent such a well equipped scanning ship to ‘save him’ when she knew that the technology the Thinkers had deployed was too dangerous to be logged and reproduced.

He was also unimpressed the Human (Race) engineers repeatedly tried to scan Thirteen (starship), though once it was discovered that Thinkers had control of the ship this was obviously not at Joanne Michaels (Jo) request.