🔧Type of technology

A Type of Blue-Shield which is configured for personal use.

The energy stays clear but activates on impact to save energy. It can be set to stay at full ‘flare’ for use in space but it this drains the internal battery fast. When used as a space suit it would be given additional power packs.

Usage is automatic once it has been ‘tapped’ to put it in active standby. A small light shows the active status. However the wearer is often away of a static energy around them as part of the detection field which activates the device on impact.

A quick triple tap puts into active shield mode making it a persistent barrier.


The device portion looks like a compact disk with a dome in the middle, it does not require a harness and molecularly attaches its self to whatever its put on, including safe usage on skin.

⛲ Notable Features

Shields will effectively stop energy blasts, physical attacks and will cancel inertia of relatively small falls.

When the shield activates it is “lit” or “flared” with blue energy around the impact (as it is countered) This makes it a bad choice for light sensitive races.

📜Role in Story

Worn at many times to protect individuals, something similar protects the drones in Victoria City (Earth)

🏛️ Background

🗒️Other Notes?