♻️Age: 80

👾Species: Brick (Race)

🏅Allegiance: The Great Family - Followers - Sol - Brick

🎲Role in Story: one of the best pilots in the galaxy (I know, its a trope but I like it!)

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Medium
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Hair: Red, long, very well presented.
  • Eyes: Yes
  • Face: Very pretty face.
  • Voice: Friendly, always charming
  • Clothing: Bounces between feminine and military
  • Skills: Damned fine pilot with a Brick metabolism


  • Sol Flight lieutenant, first class Flying ships for 20 years.
  • Been in military for almost 30 years. (26 - d1 chapter 16)


  • She drinks too much. A Lot too much and is terrible with money.  Drinks in the “wing” Bar. Drinks WAY too much. Up until the events of Denouement 2, and finally tackles her problem in Tales of 1
  • Likes to wear dresses when off duty (because she is scared of being thought of as ‘one of the boys’)





External Conflicts

  • Booze

Internal Conflicts

  • Regret (her part in “planet fall” on her home world)
  • She knows she is the perfect woman for Jon. She knows on some spiritual level that if Libby went away, they would be together. She also knows that Libby is more perfect for him in ways she can never be. She would never admit this to her self. But she knows. Maybe its why she drinks.



Flight lieutenant: Wings as rank - Though becomes a ‘Free General’ in Tales of 1.


She flashed her circlet screen, showing her credentials, then pointed at the small pin she wore on her flight jacket. The security man leaned in a little to see it. The intricately designed piece of jewellery was a shiny red stone, it was edged with five shiny white rocks, I was told this was a rank insignia.

Aygah made her as Jon’s “backup” and I think Jonathan Michaels (Jon) may know. Once described as the ‘prettiest organic alive’ by Libby.

Original notes: Brick with long read hair, Medium height. A little curvier than Libby but well toned and graceful. Jon’s best friend. Actually loves salad. Which is odd don’t you think. She it Jon’s personal pilot.