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Bio-static life forms have an internal ‘Template’ which the body will return to.

Their bodies metabolise all incoming energy sources and convert it to an unknown biological energy type which returns them to the ‘template.’

Their body will repair almost any damage with enough energy input and time.

It is not known if a bio-static can be killed but it is hypothesised that with enough direct trauma they would die, like everyone else, however with injuries which would kill a normal human they can often take in energy and recover in hours.

They are immune to poisons, gasses, suffocation, electrocution, and other energy attacks.

In the event they can not take in energy via food or radiation they will slowly fall into a coma which can be sustained for possibly multiple years. Coming out of this when energy is provided.

They were created by Aygah herself and would not have evolved naturally as far as any science is able to tell.

Notable data

  • Cure-all medicine has little to no effect on them.
  • They can metabolise energy blasts with minimal skin damage
  • They can survive in space for at least 20 minute (as tested by Jonathan Michaels (Jon))
  • They are immune to Thinker (Race) energy attacks and control
  • They are functionally immortal and do not age past mid 20s, but, Johnathan Michaels appears mid 30s due to how he became bio-static.
  • It is not known if they can reproduce in the final iteration
  • While there is no reason for all Bio-statics to be Human (Race) at this time all are at least, in part, human.

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🗒️Other Notes

Originally it was thought that the only bio-statics were Jon, Kay and Jo. IT was later in Denouement 3 that we meet Lilly.