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Young race. Fresh to civilized space

I walked right in, to see Kay talking to a person perched on a table. I didn’t recognise the species. Their skin was silver, the neck was the same width as their head. Rounded shoulders and they were wearing a well-worn tunic that would have been at home in the middle ages, though this wasn’t a completely alien garment on Central. Here you could dress however you wanted and no one much cared. ” - D2

“No. It is welcome isn’t,” said the silver figure, nodding and turning towards me. I could see its thin lipless slit of a mouth and its black eyes. It had no nose to speak of. It looked vaguely fish-like but without the implied oiliness of that description. It raised a bare silver arm with a small hand at the end, the hand sported two fingers and a thumb. “He, lo,” it said as if it were two words. “Hello,” I replied walking closer to shake the odd hand.” - D 2



Physical traits

Silver skin and vaguely fishlike features.


some shitty fish place, i guess

Politics and Social

Not defined at this time


Cobbled together stuff based on data burst from Central.

Sub -species


👤Related To characters

  • Mestaff - Only Silverfish character met so far, sadly.

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Naming Conventions: [Aaa]