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Blades were genetically engineered by what we know call the Elder races as they tried to raise and army for dealing with the human problem.

In the first reality it was humans that where violent and expansionist. They were the only ones with functional immortality and they used it like a weapon across the galaxy. Basically Space Nazi’s.

Physical traits

Blades were “built” by taking the best of each race, Elven Reflexes, Vampire creativity, Human immorality, Brick constitution.

“I’m looking for a race with pure white eyes, that sometimes appear to release vapour or smoke if they are emotional. The ones I have seen had darker skin tones with blue or purple markings across their abdomen, can look a bit like circuitry.” “Oh and they seem to be very anti social. If I recall they may even have an odd energy signature too.” I was diving into my memory of Blades now, trying to pinpoint what was race traits and what was unique to Aygah when I had first met her, before she ascended into whatever she was now. “They have complete control of any matter they can touch. They can influence your perception of reality within about ten meters of them. Energy blast makes them more powerful and they often, unintentionally project their own emotional state.” - Jonathan Michaels (Jon) D 2 chapter, “Rim”




Genetically engineered composite race.

Politics and Social

Blades follow the strongest. Thought they have only ever had one leader.


The ability to re-write reality means they don’t need any.


Only a few individuals are classed as Blade sub-species

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Naming Conventions: Ethereal sounding names, just one.