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Denouement is the name of my second book and the first in the Denouemeverse science-fiction setting.

This section contains my live(ish) ‘wiki’ for the Denouement continuity.


If you have not read the Denouement books please be aware that there will be spoilers. Also, this is a live document and very much a work in progress, there is still quite a lot which is missing at this time.

This also contains unused plot points and stubs. The intent for this is to be used as a deeper reference for those who want it or an interesting look behind the curtain for those trying to write their own books.



Denouement 1 - Echoes of the goddess

Denouement 2 - In Her we Trust

Denouement 3 - A Thousand years North (writing)

Short story collections

Tales of 1 - Week

Tales of 2 - Of Gods and Vampires (writing)

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