💡 Details

A Warrior race from within the Brick (Race) Alliance space. They generally think of Bricks as good regents. But are a little resentful of the adoption of their laws.



Physical traits

Smaller heads than humans. Covered in fur of literally any colour. They all come from a planet within Brick territory and are considered to be a younger race.


A sound that is not pronounceable by humans but when written in Elder is said to be called ‘Razzzlhanwa’ though when said by a feline is bares no similarity.

Politics and Social

While they commonly work as security officers on Brick installations and stations most who leave their home world join a military within the alliance.


Most of their technology is Brick gifted though, they have some very advanced martial arts that are native to their world

Sub -species

Felines come in vastly different colours.

👤Related To characters

  • Ria - Feline warrior (orange)

🗒️Other Notes

Naming Conventions: [AAA] it is important to remember that their native language is not compatible with Elder ears. The names they use in Elder space are usually self issued and have no legal weight. Their actual names can not be written in Elder.