Full Name: VentTanaLomoGiovaliaSionoth

♻️Age: ?

👾Species: Thinker (Race)


🎲Role in Story

Bar tender.

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Presents as Male

  • Height: 6 Foot

  • Complexion: Black cubes

  • Face: Implied only with electrical distortions

  • Voice: Scottish with radio static

  • Clothing: His body is made of ‘Metal’ cubes

  • Skills: Thinker, also mixes a mean cocktail.

💼Occupation: Bartender

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Cleans bar, tells people they maybe dead tomorrow, a lot.

🧨Personality: Scottish, stoic, sarcastic, blunt


Didn’t enjoy life on Thinker home world. Hated thinkers. Left to explore his options. Ended up as a civilian business owner on Mercia. Trusted by most people who know him!