♻️Age: 35

👾Species: Human (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Aygah - Followers (Faction)

🎲Role in Story:

  • D1: The annoying computer engineer who the gang meet at the Facility
  • D2: Head of Follower religion - the ‘Keeper’

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Male, arrogantly so, at first.
  • Height: Shorter end of tall.
  • Complexion: “Regular”
  • Hair: Black, wonderfully styled like he just came out of a barn
  • Eyes: Blue and sparkly
  • Face: Classically handsome
  • Voice: Educated
  • Clothing: Likes button up shirts, however in D2, post Followers influence he wears red robes edged in silver and when aboard Basilica (Starship) he wears a red uniform edged in silver
  • Skills: Is exceptional Engineer and lover of attractive ladies. However after the events of D1 he talks with Aygah and is told that they had a relationship in one of the Iterations where she gave up. He was the reason she got ‘back to it’  (that was the reality the facility came from, its his corpse) — Essentially he is gods favourite and has been shown her inner most secrets. he is the mortal keeper of her secrets, literally her diary.


  • D1: Engineer, and computer scientist specialising in AI
  • D2: “The Keeper” who leads “The Followers” the Aygah worshipping cult.

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Smug, performative, basically a drama llama but with the skills to back it up.  PACEFIST when possible but pragmatic about it.

🧨Personality: Hes a smug cunt at first but after D1 events he is still self assured and cocky but in an earned and self aware way. He IS the leader of the Followers, his personality makes more sense if hes the leader of a cult.


Grew up on Earth, hated it. Studied with Elven science ministry, Gained doctorate with them.


External Conflicts

  • D1: Jon doesn’t like him. He never acts on it but its a fact that Jon thinks he’s a prick and overly friendly with Libby.
  • D2: The law is not on the side of his actions in D2. But he is on the side of Her and thinks it gives him a free pass. Not really, but also, yeah, it do.

Internal Conflicts

  • He is aware that his natural trend towards arrogance isn’t healthy and he fights it, especially post D1.