♻️Age: Older than reality

👾Species: Bio-static (sub-race)

🏅Allegiance: Libby Michaels

🎲Role in Story: MAIN CHARACTER

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Middling to tall
  • Complexion: Pale and usually bruised.
  • Hair: Dark brown, shaggy.
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Face: Classical hero jaw and a permanent 5 o’clock shadow
  • Voice: Rugged and heroic, with a cadence that makes people underestimate him. his accent is a mixture of 900 iterations of reality so its a but unusual.
  • Clothing: Jon really likes Jackets. Regardless of weather. He also favours Cargo pants and Jeans. Always wears boots, because you have to be ready for the brown to hit the swirly 24x7😄
  • Skills: Left arm is synthetic from elbow down. He is bio-static. Which has a lot of up-sides. He is also the one person in all of creation whom can make the claim of being Gods ex-husband, which as a lot of social cache to it with Followers.

💼Occupation: Historian. Teacher. Adventurer. Hero.

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Jon is prone to falling into mental holes where he obsessed about ideas and is flooded with memories that consume so much of his attention that it may be an absent seizure.

🧨Personality: Heroic to a fault and unwilling to allow evil to prevail. Driven by love for his family above all else. Jon has lived long enough to know that compromising leads down a dark path. He does it, though rationally so. He is thoughtful to a fault and absent minded because of his memory issues. He will always put the happiness of others over his, without exception.


While its true that Jon starts the story with no memory his analytical mind soon starts to inform his decisions and his tendency to overthink everything becomes an asset to him. His personality can best be described as obsessive. when he eventually gets around to considering his own feelings he decides that he loves Libby, of this he is sure.

He falls back into a habit of researching but now, post memory wipe he is making more progress than he ever did in the many years he was researching before.

He started in 1900 fully grown adult. The Event that changed time wiped his mind. He lived and worked as a mechanic. By 1910 is had a pretty good idea that he was not like other people and eventually sought medical advice. He became a government project in 1920 and though treated well was not granted true freedom until 1925. He used his government ‘apology money’ to train in history. A new and exciting subject in a Post Event world. He gained his first doctorate in 1928 (History) then two more by 1930 (Literature & Fine art). He eventually used his government contacts to get a position as a researcher in the “Event Research” project where he met Aygah and after a whirlwind romance resulting in Joanne’s birth in 1935. Aygah went missing in mysterious circumstance in 1945 (Jo being 10). Not much. He eventually met Libby in 1980.


External Conflicts

  • He doesn’t like spiders
  • Dislikes Fish! (He fears Fish but doesn’t know why)
  • Knowing he really is champion of Aygah

Internal Conflicts

  • Memories are a constant issue for Jon, and something that he faces his entire life. and its a long life.


🗒️Notes on a previous version

There was a reality, an iteration, where Libby dies. In this version of events, Jon loses his ethic. He burns the universe, melts reality and genocides everything.

He doesn’t become a bad person, not really, but he does realise that if he actively destroys Aygah’s plan, she will have to restart the iteration. The best way to do this is to kill all the people he knew were involved. In this reality he became an angel of destruction. He wiped out planets, he broke up alliances and generally, single headedly fucked up an entire reality. He never had remorse because he knew that reality would be restarted.

This was the world where Lilly Michaels originally existed. Eventually, she hunted down and killed Jon. This was the moment that Aygah decided she was worth saving. She is her insurance against Jon.


Original outline

Jon is a Human (Sol) Bio-Static variant, the main character of D1 and D2, who is driven by love for his family and heroic to a fault. He has a synthetic arm, bio-static abilities, and is the only person in all creation who can claim to be God’s ex-husband. He is an historian, teacher, adventurer, and hero with a tendency to overthink and fall into mental holes. He has faced many external and internal conflicts, including his ex-wife Aygah, the Thinker War, and his fear of fish. He has a daughter, granddaughter, and wife, as well as a best friend-sister. In one iteration, he became an angel of destruction, wiping out planets and breaking up alliances, before being killed by his daughter Lilly.