Type: Area

Location: Central (Prime)

Canto is the philosophy and art district of Central (Prime) Location of the Followers (Faction) temple


This area, Canto, was a specific zone of the ring that was punctuated with hand-built wood and stone structures. It looked like medieval Earth more than modern Central. It was an area zoned for philosophy and culture. Which was synonymous with religion and meditation to Vampires.

There weren’t many places where the grass was as neon as the lights. It was nice and even in this late evening, families wandered around the area basking in the twilight glow and enjoying the restaurants that circled the inner rim of the massive park

a little area called ‘Canto’ where there was actual grass and water features that were not holographic. While Prime City was as urban as urban could get it was also not without soul and at the edge of the city like a great rim was a belt of magenta grass and tall trees with leaves to match. It defined the border that separated the city

David’s temple is called the ‘hall of the tales.’ it is an old stone building, dome shaped with a large stone fire bowl outside.