♻️Age: 45

👾Species: Elf (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Joanne Michaels (Jo)

🎲Role in Story

Girlfriend of Joanne Michaels (Jo) (soon to be wife) She has a vision disorder which means she can only see things that are in motion. The motion must be relative to her surroundings, she cant turn her head really quickly.

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Short
  • Complexion: Dark Skinned
  • Hair: Blonde-Pink
  • Eyes: Swirling stars due to Pliant Gift eye disorder
  • Face: Described as attractive, is elven so has naturally pointy features.
  • Voice: Has a vaguely Russian Ilk
  • Clothing: Often wears painter coveralls.
  • Skills: She can only see movement, not the thing that moves.

💼Occupation: Artist - Painter (paints in textured layers of montion)

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Can be nervous in new places

🧨Personality: Fun, deadpan, loyal. She occasionally makes jokes which seem out of character to others.


She grew up on a forest moon of the elf home world where there were constant storms enabling her to have a better vision than those around her. She moved to Earth for reason which are not chronicled and currently lives in Victoria City.


External Conflicts

  • Has the Pliant Gift.

Internal Conflicts

  • Nervous when alone.



“By modern standards, I’m not far away from blind. Those with the gift can only see things in motion, but as lines, I think. It’s hard to talk in shapes. I’ve never seen one. My home moon is a forest, and it has constant storms. It’s wonderful. Everything is constantly lit by movement, and I can see the wind as it travels.” - Ashley D1

“Her glasses. Looks like a kaleidoscope to those without the gift.” - D1

“On my moon, my condition is well known. They see my art as a glimpse into something mystical and spiritual. Other races don’t seem to like it, though.” - D1