💫 Full name: OmiOniaiLiaoRioNikorataton

♻️Age: Who knows.

👾Species: Thinker (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Thinker (Race)

🎲Role in Story: A Thinker assigned to The Facility (Earth) in Denouement 1

ℹ️ Description

Uses a Thinker From of natural wood

  • Gender: None
  • Height: Very tall
  • Complexion: Tree
  • Hair: None, but there are wild leaves
  • Eyes: None
  • Face: Energetic form
  • Voice: Resonant
  • Clothing: His body is his clothes
  • Skills: He’s a Tree

💼Occupation: Scientist

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Talks a lot for a Thnker.

🧨Personality: Honest and curious



External Conflicts

Internal Conflicts



Omi was a Thinker neutralist. Thinkers were by nature without gender, in no small part because they were able to procreate by a method of splitting themselves into smaller consciousness that would then diverge from the original. When they left their home world, they would usually accept whatever gender people assigned to them, simply because they didn’t care. Omi was a younger thinker at only a few hundred years old and was well educated in alien affairs. They had decided they would not accept those childish gender roles. I respected this stance a great deal, mostly because it was nice to meet a thinker that was willing to talk about their home world for a change.