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Considered to be childish and excitable by other Elder race members They are one of the only races to have developed Television/film media independently of the others and their export of Video games are hugely popular. Their culture is post-90s and they love novelty. This may come from their lifespans being so short.


Elder (Faction) - The only Elder meember race which is not functionally immotal.

Physical traits

Humans. Like you.. I assume


Earth (Hub world and centre of the SOL alliance)

Politics and Social

Politically powerful due to alliance with Vampire race as well as going a ‘Hub Sector’. Popular with young people of all races because they get more respect on earth, an alien who is technically an adult but is only eighty years old may be treated like a child on their home world. No such stigma appears on earth.


Humans are excellent at understanding other races technology and have become space savvy very fast. They are also the most advanced race when it comes to medical sciences as they have to deal with lots of things that other races don’t such as aging and viruses.

Variants: Bio-static (sub-race) (Alternate Human)

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Naming Conventions: Boring human shit.