♻️Age: Older than reality

👾Species: Blade (Race)


🎲Role in Story:

Gower Saint, King of Blades. The rules or of the Blade species.

ℹ️ Description:

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall (Taller than Ba’an Ty)
  • Complexion: Black
  • Hair: Long Unkept
  • Eyes: Pure White
  • Face: bearded and handsome
  • Voice: Commanding and confident
  • Clothing: Wears medieval tunics
  • Skills: BLADE - SO SCARY MOTHER FUCKER. - though, remember he is also a very powerful Blade

💼Occupation: King

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Gower is commanding and tall and very aware of how to use this social power. He takes responsibility seriously. Often he take’s it a bit too seriously, i think he’s a bit like Worf from star trek, when he’s written properly.



Born of a genetically engineered race called “Blades” he was always the most powerful. He was raised by government and eventually become more than the result of his upbringing when the blades developed their own moral code and eventually turned on their creators in the “first iteration” - Now all these realities later, he has been alone for a long time and wants nothing more than to be part of something.


External Conflicts

  • He was fucked by Aygah’s plan. He is a leftover,  a debt paid. He knows this and while Jon, Libby and Ba’an have some protections from being among gods favourite children, he has no such armour.

Internal Conflicts

  • He spent too much time alone and now hyper values his friends even though, he is, honestly very sure he is too powerful to be socialising with the mortals. He wants one day to hide his gifts from the world and life as a “normal” person, even though he knows he can never actually do that, not with his levels of power.