Type - Planets

Controller - Vampire (Race)

Central was one of three Earth-sized planets orbiting a young sun. It was a little larger than Sol. Central, our destination, had two moons and one massive spaceport in orbit. The other two planets in the system had essentially become industrial infrastructure over the years. It would take us an hour to get to the Central’s surface now, and then a little walk and we would be home.

Role in Story

Capitol city of the plant Central.


Blue clouds and Purple tinted light, makes night time look ethereal


A city of adventure and colours and people and fun


Blue clouds and Purple tinted light.

Large, massive buildings. Has blue-tech ground shield for falling ships and debris.


Always busy, urban, with people, ships and constant food vendors (for some reason)


The natural life


  • Canto (Region)
  • Kay’s Medical Centre (inside Sol embassy)