💡 Details

Large hairy beast type entities that transform into less beast like, smaller humanoids.

Previously a Thinker (Race) controller race. They are part of a larger plot outlined in D2.5 - “Of Gods and Vampires.”


In previously controlled Thinker (Race) space, now Brick (Race) space, though Bricks are yet to locate it.

Politics and Social

They follow orders because they know no different and have been trained that way for generations by Thinkers.


None, they only use biological technology, of which we are only now learning.

👤Related To characters

  • The one that attacked Tara Kl and Raf in the landing station in D 2.5 - “Of Gods and Vampires.”

🗒️Other Notes

First appeared in D 2.5 - “Of Gods and Vampires.” Naming Conventions: [A] [A]