📆 Written: 2024-05-26

My Dock, as inspired by Reddit

Some of the people on the macOS Subreddit are sharing their docks and talking through what’s on them. I wanted to take part, but I really don’t like posting on Reddit, or any social media really (yes, Reddit IS social media, you can pretend it’s not, if you like.)

Here is the post, https://www.reddit.com/r/MacOS/comments/1d0gkjb/share_your_dock/

Anyway, in the spirit of the post, here is my dock!

  1. Finder (we all have this.)
  2. Safari (Don’t tell me to install arc! I like Safari, and it’s good on battery)
  3. Mail (Yes, I use the default macOS client. It’s fine.)
  4. Diarium (I like to journal things, nothing deep but purchases, health and headache updates and pictures I take with little explanations.)
  5. Things 3 (My task manager of choice.)
  6. Apple Calendar (Again, I like it. If there is a better one what syncs back to Apple AND doesn’t have a subscription, I’ll look at it.)
  7. Reeder 5 (RSS IS NOT DEAD!)
  8. GoodReads (I think, possibly the best ReadItLater service that has no subscription or limitations. I also use AnyBox but its for links for articles.)
  9. Apple New (I get my topical news from RSS but for general interest stuff and magazines, I like Apple News)
  10. UpNote (Update is a great, no subscription notes application. Honestly, I would prefer to just use apple notes, but i need something that works and syncs to windows, for work stuff. and no the apple notes web portal does not cut it, sadly.)
  11. GoodNotes 6 (I realise that two notes applications seems mad, but GoodNotes has no subscription and its awesome for hand written stuff, as well as marking up PDFs.)
  12. Scrivener (❤️ My current, long term writing partner.)
  13. Fade In Pro (I like it, honestly i would probably like some of the plotting tools in the new Final Draft application, buts its double the price of Fade In… and I already have Fade In.)
  14. Enchanted (I have been messing with Ollama as a local LLM and this is an okay interface for it.)
  15. Discord (I don’t like it, but it’s where the pals are.)
  16. eSword (Really nice bible referencing and research software. It’s great!)
  17. Apple Music (For synthwave and country music radio. ☺️)
  18. Activity Manager (My other favourite task manager.)
  19. Zavala (not pinned, currently messing with it, its for outlining things. Seems good)
  20. Obsidian (open because I’m writing this very post. Not usually there.)

I don’t know why, but I enjoyed typing this out 😁


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