🔧Type of Technology

Red-Energy is a cousin to Blue-Energy. It is far less controlled than Blue-Energy but has a larger theoretical power output and by nature of not being the same energy-type it is resistant to different types of energetic attacks.

Red-Energy was never invented on the final iteration of reality. It’s brutality and raw output power is not at all the same kind of refined control and elegant design which is prevalent in Elder (Faction) technology, and hence, the rest of the civilized universe.

Unlike Blue-Energy Red-Energy can also be powered by energetic attacks. In Denouement 2 this was used to keep a personal shield perpetually charged and in a morally dubious defence it was even used to absorb and kill Thinker (Race) attacks.

The only example of this technology is found on Basilica (Starship), which was brought this iteration by Aygah herself. Because of their work with the power system on Basilica, Alin of Kein and Libby Michaels have replicated the technology but the Followers (Faction) have decided that it is of more use to keep the technology to themselves.

Red-Energy can be used for all use-cases which Blue-Energy can be utilised for however its raw power and lack of fine control doe not make it ideal how surface Thrust-Panel use.


Where Blue-Energy fields are often described as looking like still-waters and feeling like moving sand, cold to the touch. Red-Energy fields are burning hot, looks like contained fire and lack any refinement at all.

The raw output of red-energy makes it a far more brutal weapon system though, which is a one reason that the Followers (Faction) have not shared the technology.

The Red-Energy generator about Basilica (Starship) is the only thing that outputs enough raw energy to drive its iteration slicing propulsion engine.

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