♻️Age: 60+

👾Species: Elf (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Sol

🎲Role in Story

Captain of a science Corvette called Penda (D1) - by the time he comes into the story, he is already possessed by a Thinker and the real man is never really met.

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Mid height, stocky
  • Complexion: Dark
  • Hair: ‘Neat’
  • Eyes: Elven sparkling blue
  • Face: Classically Heroic, captain type
  • Voice: Stern. Stoic, intense.
  • Clothing: Sol Uniform
  • Skills: None

💼Occupation: Captain of Penda

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Intense, serious, commanding. A classical captain type.

🧨Personality: Impressed with Thirteen.


Worked his way up the Sol ranks. As an Elf it was a bold choice for him to join Sol rather than the Elven coalition.


External Conflicts

  • Balancing Sol duties and Thinker agenda. He’s got to fake it well enough that Sol don’t catch on.

Internal Conflicts

  • The man is actaually dead, and a puppet for thinkers


  • Literally possessed by a Thinker at the time we meet him, so the person we met was dead, effectually he was never in the show


Thinkers suck.

Captain Bajic looked human at first, but from his slightly extended ears I assumed he has probably half elf. On his father’s side. He would have had the eyes too had it been his mother.