🔧Type of technology

Glass energy is a similar technology to Blue-Energy but has a different design source (Elf (Race)) and purpose.

Glass energy barriers are totally clear however, are configures to stop sound, wind, particles and any other mild debris, they do however allow free passage.


In usage, Glass works as real glass would (except being totally clear because its energy not a physical barrier) it is used for entrance’s, doors, airlocks and more.

It is not uncommon for high traffic buildings to have an open entrance with Glass energy being used to keep out sounds from outside (or at least dull them how real glass would) and, the air in (or out, depending on setting.)

In space it can be used for airlock/dock doors stopping air and gravity leaving but allowing free passage of vehicles and people (in)

It works by creating a barrier that only stops micro-particulates not anything larger.