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Elders are races easily identified as those whose native language is Elder-Tongue (Language) (early modern English)

Early space travellers thought that other races knowing the same language was an indication of a shared heritage. It was taken as an indication of elder status in the galaxy.

Elder home worlds also have space ‘Warps’ close by, allowing easy travel across the galaxy to each other. This was done on purpose by Aygah as part of the design of the current and final iteration of reality.

Elder races, with the exception of Thinkers are the genetic ingredients of Blades

All elder races with the exception of humans are functionally immortal and do not age after mid 20s, approximate physical age. However they can all be killed and do die for various phycological reasons. (not outlined here)


Elder races came to a decision early on that there would be no benefit in hording technology and agreed to share all breakthroughs with each other openly, with the exception of ‘classified’ government items, such as advanced weapons, this has always been honoured. Each race had advancements on some areas while which the others did not.

It has been honoured however, mainly to equalize the races and maintain their lead over the younger races.

It was the Vampire (Race) who brokered the agreement, releasing their own advances in gravity manipulation and scanning technology as ‘collateral,’ soon the Elf (Race) joined the agreement and supplied a far more efficient gravity plating, Terraforming technology and Blue-Energy designs which soon became of of the most dominant technological inventions on civilized space.

The Thinker (Race) added Fold technology and Brick (Race) released ship architecture techniques. Finally upon meeting and acknowledging the Human (Race), they added medical advances which were revolutionary and soon implemented devastating weapon utility which they freely fed back to the alliance. They chose to reserve some rather starling implementations of gravity generation which resulted in the design of Mercia (Starship) - these designs are now shared.

Some technology has been classified as ‘universal’ such as TD-Drive, Blue-Energy, Cure-All and gravity plating. This technology and its underlying technology has been made freely available to even young races and races not yet ‘met.’

While Elder races consider themselves responsible for young races, they do not deny them basic’s and there is no rule to not have them advanced technology. Technology saves lives and bringing a race ‘up to speed’ is considered a good thing.

When a new race is met, the governing elder race will send a ‘welcome team’ who will ready the race for life in civilized space.

This includes curing all disease, improving computer technology and supplying a model for governance. The welcome team will always unify leadership and will never play favourites with nations. However, should one nation not comply the welcome teams does come equipped with weapons. This has raised some ethical questions form some commenters, including Libby Michaels and the Elf (Race) government (who take a much softer and slower approach than most races)

The Brick (Race) treat the young races which they govern with a sincere encouragement but do not allow selfish ideals to take hold.

Historically Thinker (Race) was incredibly quiet about their stewardship of young races. After their demise it was discovered that, they either ignored very young races with no technology, or enslaved more advanced ones. It was not a friendly place to have a racial home world.

Human (Race) micro manager them and Vampire (Race) simply encourage art and sciences, while discouraging exploration.

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There are only 4 Elder races in current writing timeline. As of the ending of Denouement 2