📅 Date: 2024-02-10 I have finished my most recent story: The Chronicles of Ned: Space, to Breathe. It’s the story of Ned, and his exceptionally stupid friends. Ned is a magnet for madness, drama and oddity and in this, the first instalment he accidentally takes a trip to space, loses his car and meets a bug lady.

This is a lot shorter than most of my work and, as something of an experiment, I am making it freely available right here.

You can read it, right here!

You may notice it in the side bar over there to the left. Or you can click below to start the journey. Each chapter it its own page so you can bookmark it if you like, or just jot down which chapter you are on, on a note-square and stick it to your fridge, or other object.

If you want an ePub, PDF or just the raw markdown, you will have to follow the link on the first page and take a trip to Itch.io. Don’t worry though it’s free there. I just did it so that you have the option to drop me a dollar (or more, I don’t mind) if you want to. Mostly though, please enjoy this story…

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