• Academic Library AI Experiment-Four.
  • Elizabeth Michaels (Libby is shortened version)

♻️Age: 35

👾Species: NOLF (Race)

🏅Allegiance: Jonathan Michaels (Jon) - The Great Family - Followers (Faction) (in that order)

🎲Role in Story

Wife of Jon. she is responsible for re-educating and re-embedding Jon into the world, the current world reality. She has complicated emotions about this and can seem emotionally distant. She is however all that Jon wants. Life with her is his end goal and only motivating factor.

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Average height.
  • Complexion: Pale, porcelain complexion.
  • Hair: Long blonde hair
  • Eyes: TLC Module with Purple modification
  • Face: Peach lips. Looks like she could be sister of Lea Ra-Kay
  • Voice: Cut glass voice with effortless charm.
  • Clothing: Favours utilitarianism above looks.
  • Skills: Strong, has spare bodies, smart and immortal, so long as her core does not get damaged.

Multi-location consciousness

All of these can be sustained at one time

  • Ship-Avatar is a holographic form that has a purple tint to it that operates as the AI for the ship Basilica (Starship) (eventually becomes captain D3)
  • 2 X physical avatars
  • 1 X Core consciousness
  • Minor-shards including the medical bay on basilica, basic ship interactions and terminals in the apartment on Central Prime

💼Occupation: Philosophy teacher and Processor designer/engineer

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: She has poise. Poise is above all else the defining characteristic of the character.

🧨Personality: She is a strong willed individual who is usually the smartest person in the room, she does however lack creative thinking when it comes to social situations and will often defer to someone else.


“Born” on Earth (Sol). Started life as a library computer AI and gained sentience when an Eleven computer processor was added to human AI designs.


External Conflicts

  • She faces subtle but real racism from humans, especially on earth.

Internal Conflicts

  • She loves Jon but has problems connecting to a version of his with no memories.#denouement_1



Started life as an academic AI, at some point her intelligence became limited by hardware and an Elven data core was added to her human compute core. This was the moment when she began becoming aware of her own thoughts.

It took Libby a year to realise that she was alive. Then three year to get her “owners” to understand this. From an academic point of view they were very excited and were willing to allow Libby to project her self into a robot body. This game her new access to the world within the institute she worked. She designed better and better bodies for herself learning from each iteration.

The institute she was ‘owned’ by began selling the bodies. They were the first earth designed robots to be of a grade similar to the ones used in the Elven and Vampire worlds.

Eventually with other AI’s gaining ‘life’ through the merging of human and non human technology guidelines were set in place to discourage the creation of life. To protect the life that had been already created the Thinker race pushed the alliance hard to declare Non-organic life to have full citizenship.

Libby was able after some struggling to gain this and then spent a few more months reclaiming her ownership of he robot designs she had made. Eventually the patents were returned to her along with back pay ‘stolen’ by the institute. She used this new found wealth to purchase her first fabrication plant and began producing and selling Earth made robots.

While the business was good to her she never wanted to be a business woman. Eventually she wrote about her life and its struggle. The book entitled “Understanding my digital soul” became the a massive hit and was considered to be the first time a non-organic had talked about faith and its meaning to them.

Her modest fame snowballed and she almost accidentally became the foremost authority on what is and isn’t “alive” this lead to her next book “If your not sure ask” a 300 page work that found more and more complicated ways of telling people to simply ask the thing if it is alive, if it says yes treat it as such rather than cause harm.

Since then she had written 9 more books on the subject and been running classes and lecturing about the topic all over the known worlds.

Early Notes

  • Elizabeth Michaels is always the smartest person in the room.
  • She is Blonde, pale and tall. Very attractive, has Green eyes.
  • Eyes that flicker with orange “fire” when her body is acting on “Simulation mode.”
  • Is a NOLF rights activist and Philosophy teacher.
  • Her “Higher Self” is physically located on the ship in a vault.
  • The robot self can “simulate” her with lowering accuracy over time. This means that once she is disconnected from her core-self she “acts” like Libby but lacks true life. (Jon is not happy about this)
  • She is devoted to Jon 100%.
  • Knows how to operate all vehicles and ships
  • If body is destroyed, another is deployed on ship (not so sad)
  • If her Core is destroyed she dead-dead! (so sad)
  • Kay was seven when she met Libby