🔧Type of technology

The white cleansing light which is commonly referred to as a ‘shower’ in its most common use.

The light dissolves particulates and kills bacteria, while the usage is ‘turn light on’ and ‘be clean’ after around 30 seconds the underlying technology is far more complex.

On order to accomplish its purpose, it uses multiple radiation types, targeted disruption bursts and other systems.

The ‘light’ utility is provided by a low level AI core, which identifies the species of the user, the level of cleaning required and many more factors for optimal cleaning with minimal radiation risk.

📜Role in Story

Jonathan Michaels (Jon) refers to them as ‘Magic lights’ during his time without memory. He continues this habit after his memory returns, party because it amused Libby Michaels

🏛️ Background

Invented by Vampire (Race) the need was cleansing of wing skin

🗒️Other Notes?