🔧Type of technology

Locking system, also known as a NAS


 Is an unbreakable locking system that scans minds, and matches a mental image to a key file.

Walk up to a a NAS and just think of the key image. Then the lock opens. The image has to be kept in the mind ‘solid’ for a new seconds and done so with intentionality, this is not something that can be unlocked with a passing though.

It is often used in conjunction with DNA scanning as a second layer security system.

⛲ Notable Features

Never invented in this iteration.

📜Role in Story

It is used to lock Thirteen (starship)


Does not allow NOLF or AI users, this lock is specifically designed for organic users.

🗒️Other Notes?

Lea locked the ship, with nothing but a thought and some focus. Its lock was something called a Neural Actuation System. It was a technology that allowed access only to the people on its list. It pattern matched our brainwaves and on top of that, we had to think of a key while it was scanning us. In this case, it was looking for the memory of a specific coffin-like device that very few people had ever seen. From our point of view, we just had to walk up to it and think of the image, the door would open. We knew it was secure because this technology was one of the many things that our ship had, which simply didn’t exist in this iteration of reality. ” -D2

👤Related To characters

  • The technology was brought to the final iteration by Aygah and is used on Thirteen and on Basilica (Starship)
  • It was also used on a lock, on the Thinker hole world in the short story collection ‘Week’ #technology#lock