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‘In her we trust’ picks up six weeks after the events of Denouement 1 with our gang on the star ship Thirteen trying to stay out of trouble in deep space.

The war between Earth (Sol) and the Thinker (Race) is in full swing.

Jonathan Michaels (Jon) how has a fully restored memory and is enjoying it a great deal. He and Libby Michaels enjoying time together. Lea Ra-Kay and the ships unexpected guest Ba’an Ty have formed an unlikely relationship.

They reach their destination [[../Places/Central (Prime)#|Central (Prime)]] and start trying to find ways to live a new post Denouement 1 life.

Eventually a visit from David Atkinson gets them involved with a religious cult called Followers (Faction)

An attack on the Brick (Race) home world while Libby Michaels and Lea Ra-Kay and there causes Jonathan Michaels (Jon) and Ba’an Ty to call in the implied favour that David Atkinson offered for transport.

Jonathan and Ba’an are picked up by the feline Ria in a low powered atmosphere shuttle and taken to Basilica (Starship) where they realise that the Follower cult are a lot better equipped than they pretended to be.

The Brick home world has been attacked by a technology dampening weapon deployed by Thinkers, which causes them to sustain a lot of devastation. Jon and Ria take an unusual trip to the planet and retrieve Ka’ona Michaels (Kay) and Libby’s avatar.

Events lead, one to the next until, following odd clues to the edge of the universe, Jonathan Michaels (Jon) is led to a small empty planet at the edge of space where he meets Gower Saint someone from is distant past.

The Thinker (Race) tried an elaborate plan to capture Gower Saint and ascend him to godhood in order to return the Blade (Race) to reality and assumingly dominate the known galaxy.

The resulting battle results in the end of the Thinker (Race) and the war, at great cost to all.

🗒️Other Notes

At the end of this novel many characters get high ranks and recognised as war heroes, though most of them have had some trauma.