🔧Type of technology

Elder-Tongue language Linguistics • Ubiquitous in Elder Space. Spoken by Elder (Faction) Races


The term Elder-race referred to the four races all of whom had natural Warps around their worlds.

Due to Aygah and her tinkering they also all speak one language, which came to be known as ‘Elder-tongue’ there were iterations where the elder planets had many different languages, but it made more sense to Aygah if we all spoke a common one as it reduced the things for them to fight about.

Interestingly it was assumed that there was a common ancestor among the races, an early space fairing race lost to the ages. Hence the idea that those who spoke the same language were ‘older’ than the others. I suppose it was true in many ways. I thought back to the earlier iterations.

⛲ Notable Features

Elder-Tongue is actually early modern English (Think Shakespeare) which was something Aygah enjoyed. She made it a unifying language for them, in part to entertain herself, she could have chosen almost anything, though as a native French speaker, that language would have made morse sense.

📜Role in Story

“I felt a smile creep over my face as I remembered. What we called Elder-tongue was actually something reminiscent of early modern English, Like someone once called Shakespeare spoke. Though there was literally no way anyone else alive could know that. I smiled to myself at the little secret that I couldn’t ever find a way to share with anyone.”

Writing notable

I use this link a lot Shakespeare Translator 😀 That’s not a joke.