Name is short “INDEX”

♻️Age: Not alive.

👾Species: AI

🏅Allegiance: Follows the order of Jonathan Michaels (Jon)

🎲Role in Story

To educate Jon, to bounce his ideas and to allow him to talk to himself in a way that the audience can understand.

ℹ️ Description:

The chassis is an ELVEN DESTROYER UNIT

  • Gender: Presents as Male
  • Height: 6 foot with holo-head
  • Complexion: Robot,  green paint
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Face: Holo-eye
  • Voice: Australian & Smooth, for some reason.
  • Clothing: None
  • Skills: Good at making links in data. Obviously, it has weapons.

💼Occupation: Research assistant. Used to be a Destroyer unit in Elf army.

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Always goes above and beyond. In unusual ways

🧨Personality: Submissive and helpful.


Used to be a destroyer unit for Eleven military. Has its weapons available to it still


External Conflicts

  • Its on the cusp of alive but isn’t and no one is overtly assisting it in awakening/emergence

Internal Conflicts

  • Its on the cusp of being alive, Libby figured this out a little while ago and is waiting for it to “wake up” she keeps trying to upgrade it to prompt and awakening a little quicker but Jon, naïve to these things doeskin see the point.



…It said in an interesting, almost Australian, accent. It had a smooth as silk voice and a natural tone.

He is an Elven destroyer unit that was upgraded for data processing. Libby got him as a gift for Jon. He is not alive. He is a tool. He was chosen because he is loyal to Jon not the government and will defend the lab and Jon with lethal resolve.

Is a robot/AI (Not alive)

Is an Elven Destroyer Unit.

Physically defends Jon Lab but is contactable via jon’s Circlet and has partial AI hosted in there.

Has Australian accent for some reason!

Is described as having a silky voice.