🔧Type of technology

Teodore of Deval Population drive Fitted to many ships, including Thirteen (starship)


The TD-Drive is the standard type of faster than light propulsion in the civilized universe. It is so popular that the TD Scale is considered the Standard FTL speed measurement.

There are only two known ways to travel faster than ‘High TD-speeds’ and that is the Warp holes created by Aygah which give instant travel across the galaxy, or the Red energy drive which is equipped to Basilica (Starship) (though a cousin to TD-Drives, it is not the same, it is substantially faster with less acceleration time needed.)

🏛️ Background

The TD drive was invented by the Elf (Race) professor Teodore of Deval who believed it was a mistake to rely of Warp Hole travel for when no one knew how they were there. He was, of course wrong about this, as they are perfectly stable and sustained by Aygah.

🗒️Other Notes?