Seriously, MEGA SPOILERS FOR Denouement 3

Alias Lilly McQueen.

♻️Age: 23

👾Species: Hybrid - NOLF (Race) / Bio-static (sub-race)

🏅Allegiance: Followers (Faction)

🎲Role in Story

Lilly enters the story as a denizen of Earth 2

But is quickly identified as bio-static. Ka’ona Michaels (Kay) finds a mystery implant in her brain that he finds impossible to scan.

Eventually it is discovered that her implant is a tiny and massively advanced AI core that is interlocked with her DNA, which seems to have a digital quality to it when analysed further.

ℹ️ Description

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Short
  • Complexion: Clean and young looking.
  • Hair: Baby pink hair
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Face: A wide mouth and an honest face.
  • Voice: Angelic and crisp. same Cut glass as Libby however she is “salty”
  • Clothing: Favours cropped tops and over-sized hoodies.
  • Skills: Biostatic human, also had Libby levels of reaction times and processing abilities, however doesn’t have wireless communication systems she is not a robot! - her “powers” were latent until

💼Occupation: eventually a student of Aygah, a Barista, when first discovered on spare earth.

🎺Habits/Mannerisms: Always resorts to sarcasm as a reflex.

🧨Personality: A little sassy, constantly pissed off.


Found working in a coffee ship Earth 2 (planet), Lilly did not know who she was until she met Jon.  At first, Jon and her shared quite a bond until her memories returned, at which point she began resenting him for not remembering her


External Conflicts

  • Being abandoned… I guess.

Internal Conflicts

  • Issues with feeling abandoned by her mom and dad
  • She has some issues to wok though. Obviously.