TLC Module (Traffic Life Chip)

🔧Type of technology

🚦 NOLF Detection • common, legally required.


All AI-Cores must, by law contain a TLC Module (Traffic Life Chip.) The TLC is connected directly to to the ocular output stream and processes data directly from the core. It is basically impossible to circumvent and legally enforced for the universal benefit of emerging life forms

Socially, because it is net positive, there is no objection to is existence, however the some militaries have tried to remove the criteria for the ‘red’ status. Libby Michaels has hard coded it into the chip.

⛲ Notable Features

🟩 Green:  Life found. 🟧 Amber: No life found. 🟥 Red: The AI intends violence as defined by cultural norms. 🟪 Purple which indicates access to Basilica (Starship) neural web. - only used by Libby Michaels avatar when on Basilica.


Invented by and patent owned by Libby Michaels

📜Role in Story

A NOLF however does not have to “show” red eyes when it intends violence but can choose to switch to red.  A NOLF however cannot masquerade as an AI by turning eyes Amber.


Libby Michaels has been known to be able to circumvent this though, this would be illegal in all Elder space. She has an additional colour of 🟪 Purple which indicates access to Basilica (Starship) neural web.

An AI can never circumvent the Amber/red law. It is impossible and in the event it is done, the penalty is deactivation of AI and serious prison sentence for the life form that enabled it.

🗒️Other Notes

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