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The story stats an undefined amount of time after Denouement 2 and just after Tales of 1 Jonathan Michaels (Jon), Libby Michaels, Ria and Ba’an Ty are investigating a planet they refer to as Earth 2 (planet) which is a ‘spare’ Earth, that, they assume was stored by Aygah as a backup. Earth 2 is has technology and culture similar to 2020 Earth, though the Denouemeverse experienced this timeframe.

All the food and drink on Earth 2 is bland and lacks flavour or nutritional value.

Their task on the planet is scanning for a mysterious frequency burst which should not be on the planet.

While there, they meet Lilly Michaels and Ryan in a coffee shop.

After a random act of violence from the natives, outside a pub, a video is recorded and the team are challenged the next day by Lilly Michaels and Ryan - due to a combination of apathy, boredom and a gut feeling, Jon reveals that he is an alien and tells them everything.

Once Jon’s new friends are convinced, they join the team on Basilica (Starship) where there is some strange medica data taken from Lilly.

the spoils

The spoils beyond this point are REAL

Upon returning to Earth 2 it is discovered that Ryan is a robot (of some sort) who attacks the team. At the end of the fight the team leave the planet.

Ba’an Ty has been trying to get the Brick (Race) to send a “welcome team” to the planet to save them from themselves but has not had good responses.

It is discovered that Lilly Michaels has an implant in her brain as well as the shock that she is Bio-static (sub-race)

After teaching her what his means Jonathan Michaels (Jon) takes her on an adventure to follow the signal where he finds an artefact of Aygah which teleports away, leaving them on a moon.

On the moon, Lily is attacked and shows strange abilities which she can not have access to.

This leads Jon to reach out to Ashley

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