🔧Type of technology

An energy type created a Blue-Field generator. Blue energy fields have the unique property of having a surface area that is resistant at a factor of sixty times more resistance than the energy used to produce it.

The use-case for this is energy shielding including pressurised shield cylinders (Blue-Tube,) Ship shielding and personal shielding.

Closely related to this technology, using variations in energy wave frequency allows the creation of repulsion fields that are used at incredibly high energy input levels to create thrust in star ship’s sub-light engine’s and surface shuttle float pillows (known as ‘Cushions’ in widely used slang.)

Blue energy is generated via a Blue-Field generator which takes any way input type and using complex wave alternations generates blue fields. The field generator does not generate energy of its own.

Blue-Field Generators are incredibly efficient to the point of being considered ‘free’ low powered usage such as weather defence (as illustrates in Denouement 1 Victoria hall scene.)

Due to its ubiquity Blue-energy has many forms. And is known as a category as ‘blue-tech’ as generators simply create the energy, the implementations greatly vary.

🏛️ Background

Created by Vampire (Race)

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