📆 Post date: 26-08-2023


Okay, so when it comes to web browsers I have something of a mantra - “Every plugin is a security risk” - Many times i have had a cool browser extension/plugin/addon and a week later its serving me ads or making dubious connections. Now, I am very selective.

With Obsidian however, I have a little more confidence, as there is at least some vetting going on before the appear in the community ‘gallery.’

Still though, I’m going to list all my plugins here and what I use-case I have. This doesn’t mean I wont change them in a few weeks/days or even hours. It also doesn’t mean that they are the best ways to get things done. It’s a statement of what I currently use, that’s all.

I made a video - The Obsidian Plugins I use. (A long, probably boring video) - YouTube

Yes, there are currently a lot

Namewhat is does for me
better word countWord count, but better.
canvas-presentationLets you do an interesting canvas animation
syntax-highlightCode highlighting for your dataview and code blocks
typewriter-scrollTypewriter scrolling fixes the curser location (on a line) and then scrolls the page around it. Most long form writers like it but its not for everyone.
customjsLets me use JS in Obsidian (datadiew)
dataviewLets you run live queries in obsidian. I use it for filtering and summary.
file explorer note countPuts number in the self side bar explorer and tells me how many notes each folder contains
highlightr-pluginEasy Markdown highlighting (good for research)
link-faviconWhen you put a link in, it adds the favicon, just a little pointless visual tweak, but i like it
longformThis is the best way to write longform in obsidian. It makes obsidian work like Scrivener, though, I don’t use it because I don’t actually ‘novel’ in Obsidian (I use Word)
advanced-slidesYou like slideshow’s, made in Obsidian? so do I! this gives you theme options, which are nice, as well as a live preview.
auto-link-titlePaste link, get markdown formatted version, that snags title from webpage title. I like it.
obsidian-bannersCan give you notion style headers and icon setup. I have this turned off at the moment and have not missed it.
bible-referenceLooks up and format’s bible referenced in Markdown Callouts.
book-search-pluginClick the button, lookup the book, make a new file. Then make notes about book. Its what I use on the public page for my book note starting bits.
dictionary-pluginI don’t think either of us need me to explain a ‘dictionary,’ or why its useful… do we?
emoji-toolbarI mapped a hot key to alt+; and I get a little menu (like the windows one) for emoji. Its great because it shows the emoji how it will look when obsidian renders it
excalidraw-pluginLittle drawings, as notes. Endlessly useful! (I never use it.)
excel-to-markdown-tablePaste from excel, to Obsidian and it converts it to a markdown table.
obsidian-fountainFountain is a bit like markdown for screenplays. This allows Obsidian to render it.
obsidian-linterDid you make ugly markdown? don’t worry linter fixes that for you.
obsidian-minimal-settingsSo this is a settings menu for the ‘minimal’ theme. I know that sounds mad, but the minimal theme really is the only theme you need.
obsidian-outlinerLots of tweaks including the ability to move lines with keyboard shortcut and moving bullets with a mouse
obsidian-pandocPandoc powered export (for me, it gets me to docx.)
obsidian-plugin-update-trackerlittle icon in system tray that checks for plugin updates and a one-click update all.
obsidian-quiet-outlineEnhanced outliner side bar. Better than stock because its colour coded and has auto expanding
reading-timeHow long to read the page you are looking at? - this is a good status bar plugin.
sort-and-permute-linesI use this simply to get a hotkey to sort selected lines.
obsidian-sortableMakes tables sortable (like Wikipedia.)
obsidian-timelineCool little timeline renderer. Not used it much but I have a project planned for it.
toggle-meta-yaml-pluginToggle front matter visibility (I dont use this much, I like front matter, mostly.)
trash-explorerI move deleted filed to a .trash folder, rather than deleting them on the file system. This is how I manage that.
omnisearchA better search interface if the built in one fails you. Good for large vaults, I’m told.
quickaddLets me script entry of data into files (sort of) and then add a hot key.
readwise-officialI love Readwise and this is the way I bring it into Obsidian. Works great.
recent-filesGives me a ‘recent’ panel which i keep always visible. Great for quick switching.
tag-wranglerI use predominantly, tags. This lets me fix typos and merge them from the side bar.
typing-speedSilly little plugin that puts my typing speed on the status bar. its useless but I enjoy it.
url-into-selectionSelect some text. Paste a link. not the text is a link.
various-complementsAuto completion engine for note text.


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